Key Persons

Dr. Borka Jerman Blazic

Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Prof. dr. Borka Jerman-Blazic is a full professor at the University of Ljubljana, Department of Economics and senior researcher at the Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jozef Stefan Institute. She has been involved for more than twenty years in European Union Framework Program projects in the area of ICT and related field.

Primoz Cigoj

Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Primoz Cigoj, M.Sc. earned his Master’s degree at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. He studied computer science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Currently, he is a researcher and developer in the field of information security at the Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks, Jozef Stefan Institute. His research interests include Cloud Computing server-side and client-side approach to security in cloud computing. For the past year he focuses on the concept of Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation across open source and commercial cloud platforms. He is actively contributing to the KC CLASS (Cloud Assisted Services competence center) research and the aligned.

Dr. Tomaž Klobučar

Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Dr. Tomaž Klobučar is a head of the Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jožef Stefan Institute and an assistant professor at Jozef Stefan Postgraduate School and DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies. His main interests are information security and technology enhanced learning. Lately, he has been actively involved in the EU projects, such as SI-PASS (Slovenian eIDAS Node and Integrated Services), eID4U (eID for University), COURAGE (Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism European Research Agenda), SENTER (Strengthening European Network Centres of Excellence in Cybercrime), DFET (Dynamic Forensics Evaluation and Training), and EmployID (Scalable Cost-effective Facilitation of Professional Identity Transformation in Public Employment Services). His scientific publication list includes over 80 items.