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End of the LIVE_FOR project

The LIVE_FOR project has successfully concluded its activities on 31 January 2019. The main results of the work performed include:

  • One stakeholder register with 165 entries was produced;
  • Three reports were prepared: (1) Report on the state of the art of the EIO Directive adoption, (2) Evaluation of the educational and training needs for the issues related to the EIO mechanisms and e-evidence, and (3) Best practices in the area of law and technology with focus on the EIO and live and cloud forensics;
  • Three joint meetings and two round tables with target group members were organised that enabled exchange of information and knowledge and contributed information for curriculum building and best practice report;
  • Curriculum for the educational workshops and the webinars was developed. The curriculum was also presented to the high level educational institutions in the area of law and technology;
  • Two 1-day face-to-face training workshops and one 5-day course were organised;
  • Two webinars, consisting of several presentations, with educational and training content on the EIO, e-evidence and digital forensics were offered on the internet;
  • Two information centres were set up as information and contact points for the members of the target groups;
  • Two partnerships were set up with the agreements for cooperation;
  • Two papers were published in the scientific journals and one paper in the proceedings of a scientific conference.

In total, the project produced 30 outputs, including 3 reports, 2 educational workshops, 1 course, 3 joint meetings, 2 round tables, 2 information centres, 2 cooperating partnerships, 1 stakeholders register, 4 social network profiles, 2 scientific journal papers, 1 scientific conference paper, 4 newsletters, 2 press releases, attendance and presentations at many events and conferences (33), 1 poster, and 2.000 project leaflets.

Reports on the main results of the project activities can be found in the Public deliverables section.