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LIVE_FOR Joint Meetings

The LIVE_FOR project is organizing two one-day joint meetings with prosecutors, judges, investigators, and other practitioners in the area of cybercrime. The main goals of the meetings are to raise awareness about the Directive 2014/41/EU regarding European investigation order (EIO) in criminal matters, and discuss

  • the  status of the Directive implementation in the EU Member States,
  • challenges and obstacles of the implementation and use of the European investigation order,
  • methods used by the EU Member States for seizure and preservation of digital evidences in cyberspace with reflection to the cloud service environment, and
  • the needs for education and training among the targeted group in the criminal justice and cybercrime investigation with reflection on live forensic.

The first meeting will take place in Brussels on April 24, 2017.

The second meeting will be organized in Ljubljana on May 30, 2017.

Financial support for covering travel and accommodation costs is available for a limited number of participants of each of the two events.