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    Collection and Analytics

    The project collected and analyzed information about the status of implementation of the Directive on the European investigation order in EU Member States, digital evidence related practices, best practices, and educational needs by means of surveys, face-to-face meetings with target groups and various analytical methods.
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    Education and Training

    The project partners have performed a number of activities with an objective to increase the competences of judicial authorities in the area of European investigation order, digital evidence in the cloud, and live forensics. The activities included assessment of educational needs, development of training curriculum, and organization of educational workshops.
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    Awareness Building

    The project established two information centres in the Czech Republic and Spain that serve as points for face-to-face communication and exchange of information between the partners and the target groups. The centres are also an interface between the target groups and the project activities. If you have questions about Directive 2014/41/EU, the use of the European investigation order, cross-border digital evidence in criminal matters, or digital forensics you can contact them at C4e and esCERT-UPC.

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